Fair Monday – CrossFit

It’s quite sad today that it is fair Monday and there is no fair. We are still off of school today but I guess we’ll be staying home.

Let’s get the week started with a good workout.

General Warm-Up
2 rounds
5 inchworms + up dog to down dog
15 good mornings, empty barbell (35lb)
15 snatch grip elbows out row, empty barbell

Skill and Build-Up
Hang Power Clean Progression
with an empty barbell (35lb)
5 dip and drive
5 dip and drive to elbows high
5 muscle clean
5 lands
5 -7 hang power cleans

6 hang power cleans, light (35lb +2.5lb set = 40lb)
6 box step-ups, low (16″)

4 hang power cleans, light to moderate (35lb + 5lb set = 45lbs)
4 box step-ups, moderate

2 hang power cleans, slightly below intended workout weight
2 box step-ups workout height

2 hang power cleans, workout weight
2 box step-ups, workout height

Workout (12:00)
For Time 11:15
5 rounds
7 hang power cleans (185lbs/125lbs) (45lbs)
21 box step-ups (30/24) (16″)

Accessory Work
4 sets
8/8 landmine single arm row (empty barbell 35lb, 40lb, 45lb, 45lb)

Good workout to begin the week. Now to shower, and get working. Yes, I have work for work to do, but I’m going to do it from home.

Have a good day everyone. See you tomorrow.

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