Halfway There…Wednesday CrossFit

Week is half over. Seems to fly by.

Who will be working out today? Bob, Dave, Nikki, Lacey, and me.
Again, Grace didn’t get up. Have no idea how she’s going to make it to an 8:00 a.m. college class starting next week. Oh well…

General Warm-up
2 rounds
1:30 single unders
*no rope, jumping jacks
5 squats with counter balance, 0:03 descent and 0:03 pause in bottom of each (15 lb db)
10/10 quadruped rotations
15/15 banded monster walk variation, lateral only

Skill and Build Up
Clean and Jerk Prep (15 lb db set)
2 rounds
3 high hang muscle cleans
3 front squats
3 push presses
3 hang squat cleans
3 push jerks
3 squat cleans
3 split jerks

2 sets
*with empty barbell
3 position clean and jerk

Build Up
3 sets
3 position clean and jerk
*increase load on each set

Strength & Power
for time
Every 2:30 for 12:30 (5 sets)
3 position clean + jerk
5 x 1

Dumbbell option (15 lb db set)
Every 2:30 for 17:30 (7 sets)
2-3 reps of a dumbbell 3 position clean and jerk
*choose reps dependant on the loading of dumbbells
*high hang squat clean + hang squat clean + squat clean + jerk

Workout, Part 2
3 rounds for total reps (10 lb db set)
1:00 max rep front squats @ 80% of part 1 (16, 15, 18)
1:00 rest
1:00 max rep shoulder to overhead @ 80% of part 1 (12, 10, 12)
1:00 rest

Dumbbell option
3 rounds for total reps
1:00 max rep dumbbell front squats
1:00 rest
1:00 max rep dumbbell shoulder to overhead
1:00 rest

Cool Down
3:00-5:00 of easy active movement-row, bike, walk, etc.

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