Monday Again…Still CrossFit Zooming from Home

Will we EVER be allowed to go to the gym? This is beyond crazy at this point. Casinos and strip clubs can be open but gyms cannot be?? If you don’t feel comfortable going to the gym, then don’t go. But, really….these business owners should be able to open their facilities and those of us who NEED to go there should be able to. I am so grateful for our gym owners and all they have done through this period of gym closure. So grateful that they figured out how we could do workouts via Zoom.

Who will be working out today? Grace will not be (she is with a bunch of young ladies celebrating my niece, who will be the most beautiful bride on Friday evening.)
Bob, Jeff, Heather, Lacey, and me.

General Warm Up
Dynamic Mobility Set
10 rollover v-sits
20 lying leg crossovers
10/10 dynamic hamstring
5/5 sprinter hammy to Samson stretch, hold each for 0:03
20 scorpions
20 kneeling shoulder taps
10 bootstrappers, hold for 0:01-0:02 at each position

Skill and Build-Up
Deadlift Prep (15 lb db set)
10 stiff legged deadlifts, 0:05 eccentric phase
5/5 single leg Romanian deadlift, 0:03 eccentric phase
10 deadlifts

Build Up and Workout Prep
10 walking lunges (no weight)
5 burpees
10 hang scap retractions (push-up scap retractions)
5 deadlifts, light (15 lb db set)
6 dumbbell walking lunges, light load (5 lb db set)
3 burpees
3 strict pull-ups or jumping pull-ups (15 lb db bent over rows)
5 deadlifts, light to moderate load (15 lb db set)
6 dumbbell walking lunges (15 lb db set)
3 burpee pull-ups or burpee jumping pull-ups (burpees + db bent over rows)
3 deadlifts, moderate load (15 lb db set)
Perform 1-2 more deadlifts warm-up sets as needed

3 rounds for time (15 lb db set) 13:13
75 ft dumbbell walking lunges
15 burpee pull-ups (burpees + bent over db rows – 12, 10, 10 burpees + 15 bent over db rows each round)
10 deadlifts (15 deadlifts each round – for some reason I had 15 stuck in my head for all of the stuff today)

Minimal Equipment
75 ft dumbbell walking lunges
15 burpees
15 bent-over dumbbell rows
15 dumbbell deadlifts

Accessory Work
3 Rounds NOT for time
20 banded good mornings or banded pull-throughs
20 heels over kettlebells

Good way to start the week. Hope everyone has a great day!


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