CrossFit Tuesday…with No Buddies

Who will be here today? Bob, Dave, Lacey, Heather, Grace, and I??
Well, it ended up just Grace and I doing today’s workout on our own. We were excited to try out Grace’s new computer (more memory, better camera) but we never got let into the meeting. Tried to text Matt, no response. So, we did the workout on our own. Not quite as good as when Matt is keeping us going, but we did it.
He texted in the middle of the workout that his alarm hadn’t gone off. Well, he does deserve a day off. He does this like 7 days a week.

General Warm-Up
2 rounds
7 squats with counter-balance, 0:03 pause in bottom (10lb db)
100ft/100ft single-arm kettlebell or dumbbell overhead walk (10lb db)
0:45 butcher’s block stretch

Skill and Build Up
Front Squat + Split Jerk Prep
Split Jerk Progression
3-foot placement and receiving position
3 jump and land with hands at sides
3 jump and land with thumbs on shoulders
5 timing drill – jump, punch, and land
5 split jerks with an empty barbell

2 sets
3 front squats + 1 split jerk, with an empty barbell

5 sets (10 lb db set)
3 front squats + 1 split jerk

Every 3:00 for 4 sets
3 front squats + 1 split jerk

Minimal Equipment
Dumbbells (10 lb db set)
Every 1:30 for 7:30 (5 sets) 
5-7 dumbbell front squats + 5-7 dumbbell split jerks (did 5 each for each set)
assumes moderately loaded dumbbells are available

Reduce load from part 1 and move barbells to the floor

For time
25-20-15-10 (25 – 10 lb set, 15 – 10 lb set, 15 – 5 lb set, 10 – 5 lb set)
Shoulder to overhead
Front squat

Minimal Equipment
use dumbbells

Core and Recovery
3 rounds
0:15/0:15 side plank
0:15/0:15 bird dog

We must have done ok by ourselves as we were both pretty sweaty.

Have a good day everyone. I missed seeing you but hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow!

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