CrossFit Thursday

Who will be Zooming today? Bob, Dave, Jeff, Nikki, Lacey, Heather, Grace, and I.

General Warm-Up

2 Rounds
1:30 bike, row, jump rope or run easy (bike)
7 Kang squats, slow (10 lb db set)
0:30-0:45 barbell overhead hold (10 lb db set)
0:30 squat with hand reaches

Skill and Build Up
Clean and Jerk Prep
3 front squat + push press (10 lb db set)
3 hang power cleans + push jerk (10 lb db set)
3 hang squat cleans + split jerk (10 lb db set – push jerk instead since my toe still is hurt)
3 clean pulls (10 lb db set)
3 power cleans (10 lb db set)
3 squat clean + split jerk (10 lb db set)

Build Up
5 sets
1 clean pull + 1 power clean + 1 squat clean + 1 front squat + 1 jerk (10 lb db set)

Every 3:00 for 15:00 (5 sets)
1 clean pull + 1 power clean + 1 squat clean + 1 front squat + 1 split jerk
(1st set – 3 each with 10 lb db set; 2nd-5th sets – 2 each with 15 lb db set)

Perform the same complex but add reps to each movement to make each set challenging.
The reps added will be determined by load available. Try for a load that is challenging 3-5 reps each movement.

Front squat – Weightlifting

Every 3:00 for 9:00 (3 sets)
1:00 dumbbell front squats with tempo
(10 lb db set – approx 8 each set)

Another workout in the books. Only problem today was that I couldn’t do the split jerks because my left toe is still pretty swollen and bruised. Such a bummer because when we last did split jerks I did really well with them and I actually liked them. But had to do only push jerks today. Hopefully this toe feels better soon.

Have a good day everyone.



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