CrossFit Thursday

Ok, I typed this in and now I’m thinking it looks a bit difficult. First of all, this 50 year old cannot do 50 sit ups (I think I can barely do 8). Wonder if I will get a scale for these sit-ups? And, what do they mean by a burpee box jump over? That sounds like a recipe for total disaster! This fat, 50 year old, trying to do a burpee and jump over a box??? Right…I don’t think I’ll be doing that….there surely is a scale for that???

So, who will get to laugh at my attempts at these burpee box jump overs? Bob, Dave, Jeff, Heather, and me.

General Warm-Up
3:00 row, bike, run, or jump rope easy (bike)

2 Rounds
0:30 wall press stretch
0:30/0:30 side plank with rotation
5/5 Turkish get-up (increase load on second round) (3/3 no weight)
5/5 windmill

Skill and Build Up
Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch Progression (10 lb db)
3/3 deadlift
3/3/ deadlift + shrug (straight arm)
3/3 muscle snatch
3/3/ overhead drops
6 dumbbell snatch, alternate arms each rep

Build up
8 sit-ups
8 dumbbell snatches
4 burpee box jump overs (low height) (box step ups)

For time (18:00)
2 rounds

50 sit-ups (20, 20 ab mat sit ups with feet under couch)
40 dumbbell snatches (10 lb db)
30 burpee box jump overs (20, 20 with 12″ box step up)

Accessory Work
2 sets
100ft/100ft single arm kettlebell overhead walk (50 ft with 10 lb overhead, 50 ft with 10 lb at shoulder)

Ok, what the heck kind of work out was that?? Turkish get-up?? Think those should be called something like, “50 yr old, fat lady try-to-get-up”. These were totally only an attempt. Not sure if much of it was actually correct but Matt was very patient and would tell me step by step so I could try to get it. If that was not enough, they then throw in this burpee box jump overs. What the heck?? Burpees by themselves are hard enough so what in the world. Ok, those were terrible and again they think a 50 year old, fat lady can  do a burpee and then jump over a box? They are nuts, I can attempt a burpee (I’m not even sure that those were correct today.) and then I can step up on the box and step off.

Sweat factor today – my shirt could probably be wrung out! This was very tough today.

Have a good day everyone.



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