Academy Families & Senior Surprises

The nice thing about Mondays is that we do get to see families today during the homework exchange! I don’t see as many as Pam does but I do get to see some and it sure is great!

Today was special as we had a Senior surprise…yard signs lining the drive. It looks so nice! The Seniors usually come pick up their own work and they did have a gift to pick up from a teacher today as well, so they were all pretty happy when they saw the signs!

So glad we could do a little something for them during this very strange time of their lives. Someday they will graduate, but the question remains…when?

I miss the kids, so weird to work at a school with no students in the building. The building is usually humming with activity – from early morning until late into the evening. Definitely miss it.



It rained most of the day so this evening I didn’t walk since it was raining. Therefore, talking to Victoria and then somehow was put into a video chat, I decided I should ride the exercise bike for awhile. Rode for 15:00 minutes. Guess that was pretty good.

Total miles walked today (thanks to the homework exchange) 5.1.

Nothing else exciting to share. Guess I’ll catch you all tomorrow.


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