Snow Day?

Can you believe we are having a snowstorm on April 17, 2020? Predicted 3-5 inches of snow between 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. then turning to rain in the evening.

Snow began around 6:30 a.m. I’m pretty sure had we been in school I would have gotten to make the Snow Day phone call. I have had a lot of fun with those phone calls. Only got to do two this year so it was very disappointing that I was not able to do one today since we are not in school.

For those of you who wonder, I am an Administrative Aide at Hillsdale Academy and one of my fun jobs is to pass along the message to our families once the decision has been made that school will be closed. I have tried to be creative and have fun with this – the families seem to enjoy it! Let’s see….what would I have said today?? Perhaps something like this…

Good Morning, it’s Mrs. Heckenlively
April showers bring May flowers…
But April snow showers bring school closings.
Yes, Hillsdale Academy will be closed today.
Oh, wait…the school is already closed
Therefore, continue your schoolwork and 
be sure you have your work ready to drop off on Monday.
Have a great day and a great weekend. 

This is definitely not so much fun when I can’t actually share with the families.

Hillsdale Academy families – did you do anything fun on your snow day?

Please share – post your comments and photos below!


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