Push Jerks…should be with a barbell

I have to admit that my kids were right along time ago, it’s good to write down what you do everyday so you will be able to see your improvements. I also find it fascinating that I was unsure about sharing my workouts with others and now I want to be sure I list everything and I really don’t care who reads it. If someone else can learn something from this fat, 50 year old (who still loves food by the way) then great!

I also have to admit that doing push jerks with dumbbells is ok because at least I have some weights to do something with however, it is NOT the same as lifting weights with a barbell. I thought I was doing so well with those…someday I might go to the gym again and will be able to try weight lifting again.

April 7 – Zoom 

Technology is awesome! I wonder who will show up for the 5:30 a.m. workout…..Bob, Dave, Nikki

Warm Up (12:00)
3 rounds
100 single under
100ft/100 ft single arm kettlebell overhead walk (10lb)
7 ATY with plates (3.5lb set)

Push Jerk Progression (3 step) (4:00)
5 jump and land (10lb set)
5 jerk balance from head level
5 push jerk
with a PVC pipe and then empty barbell

Build Up (10:00)
4 Sets
3 push jerks (10lb set)

Every 3:00 (5 sets)
0:45 max rep DB push jerks (10, 12, 12,12 (3 at 15lb), 12) (10lb set)
5 rounds
0:50 handstand hold (1st round plank up from couch) (on floor
0:10 rest
0:50 goblet wall sit (1st 3 sets with 15lb db – last 2 no weight)
0:10 rest

Cool Down (5:00)
2 rounds
1:00 air squat, easy pace
1:00 PVC pipe shoulder press

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