Zooming with CrossFit

April 2 – Day 12;  Zoom 

Technology is awesome! I wonder who will show up for the 5:30 a.m. workout…..Lacey, Bob, Dave

Warm Up
EMOM 9:00
Minute 1 – row
Minute 2 – push-up to down dog, pause 0:03 in the down dog position
Minute 3 – plate overhead reverse lunges

Push Press Skill (5:00) 5 lb db
5 dip and hold
5 dip and drive, slow
5 dip and drive fast
7 push press

Every 3:00 for 9:00 (3 sets) 10lb db
max rep dumbbell press throws (use medicine ball, pack, bag or rock)

AMRAP 10:00
Max rep dumbbell bench press 15lb db

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