Why Do I CrossFit??

To answer that question….my daughter made me??? No she pushed and I am the one who chose to continue doing it. Sometimes things are just hard…

Ok…have to admit, last night when I checked FaceBook and the app for the workout, I was a bit worried as I really can’t run. I sent Matt a message and said,

Hey Matt – ok tomorrow’s workout…. I don’t have a place to do a 200m run – I won’t run outside by myself in the dark (well…I’m not even sure I can really run…) and are you sure I can do 10 burpees for 15 rounds…. think I need some motivational scaling???…..

Response – you can bike and do 5-8 burpees

Ok, if he thinks I can handle this then I guess maybe….I can….
I think people forget I’m fat and 50….

March 31 – Day 10;  Zoom 

Warm Up
4 rounds
0:20 mountain climbers
0:10 rest
0:20 jumping jacks
0:10 rest

2 rounds
100m run
10 toy soldiers
10 boot strappers
5 inchworm + updog to down dog

For Time 35:00 min
15 rounds
200m run (1:30 min) (I did 1:00 bike)
15 burpees (10) (I did 8, and then 6-7 each time)

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