Another Day (#67) in Quarantine

At work this morning and it was a bit depressing. I put the Senior diplomas into the diploma covers. Makes me sad to think about we don’t really know when Grace will get her diploma. Heard the Governor will be speaking at 10:00 a.m. makes me feel really anxious. What will she do now? Make us stay home until June 15??

Listening to the Governor this morning is just always so weird. She is opening up hospitals, car dealers (by appointment), retail (by appointment no more than 10 people in a store at a time), vet offices (her dog really needs a hair cut) (REALLY, I NEED A HAIRCUT – do I need to go to an animal office to have it done??), gatherings of 10 or less takes affect immediately.

Also, what does she mean by opening these things up but then says, Short-term temporary extension of the stay-at-home order will likely be necessary, you will hear more in about this in the coming days.

What about, in the coming days, I will tell Michiganders about what they can do to celebrate Memorial Day.

First of all, do you realize Memorial Day is Monday and this is Thursday and people usually leave on Friday afternoons to celebrate their weekends. What coming day is she talking about?

I’m sorry but listening to her just gets me more and more confused. Help me here…

We have always been able to go to Walmart (100s of people in a day) but we can’t go to a mom and pop shop that is lucky to see even 10 people in a day?

Retail by appointment? How does this work? Anytime I want to go to a shop I have to call them and tell them I’m coming? What if I’m not sure what time I will get there? 

We can go outside for recreation (boating, golfing, etc.) but stay home.

We can now go buy a new car. But people are not working and they are making more money than when they were working so we are able to use the government money to get a new car?

We can get a new car but we can’t get a driver’s license?

I am so absolutely confused…how can we do all of these things but yet we are still under a stay-at-home order? How do I shop, buy a car, get vet services, etc. if I’m at home? All of this is totally screwing with ones thinking capability – how do you decipher all of this???

How is it legal for one person to make all of these decisions? No legislature to approve anything because we are in a pandemic.

Now that we can gather in groups of ten or less, perhaps we will now be able to resume our 2020-2021 admissions? Hopeful that by June 1st we can get the rest of our prospective students in to take the necessary assessments. Enrollment is looking positive for next year.

Finalized end of year certificates since there is no Moving Up Ceremony. Again, I have to say that it is so sad to miss all the fun end of the school year events.

Finally heading home for the day.  Wonder if I will have to do school tonight? I’m kind of tired so I hope not…

Arrived home and talked to Grace and Olivia for a few minutes. Olivia and I ran to the store I had forgotten to pick up Pat’s medicine. We went in and bought a few things. Came out and ran into Mrs. Budd – I was sure to tell her there was more than 10 people in there – 39 to be exact. But hey what does that even matter? Any number of people could be together at the store before now but today you can no gather with no more than 10. Ok again, doesn’t make sense??

Before I could get to the car, I ran into an old friend, Liz. Her father just recently passed away and went right over to see her. I asked if I could hug her and she said, “Sure!” We hugged in the parking lot (I am sure people thought we were crazy not following social distancing.) but I am sorry. I know exactly what she is going through losing a parent. We talked for quite awhile and then another hug good-bye. It was so great to see her!!


IMG_9091 (1)

Got home and then headed off for a walk while Grace was making dinner. Talked to my mom on the phone as I walked 1.56 miles. Got home dinner was ready (spaghetti) and then during dinner we decided we were going for a walk after we were done.

I asked if the kids wanted to go back to the park. I thought after the stress and sadness of the day it might be fun to just go play at the park. Noah said he had time for that and the girls were game so off we went once dinner was cleaned up.

We had fun taking photos, kids climbing trees and just wandering all over the park.

So much fun climbing trees, and just having fun. Walked back home and as soon as I arrived had a phone call from Rowan. We talked only for a few minutes because she had to go to bed. We had just enough time to take a few photos and have fun together.

Worked on a few projects and then heading to bed. Hope everyone had a nice day.

Total walking miles for today was 5.4.





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