“Teached” Again

Today was nothing exciting – just work. Too quiet at the school. Graduation is supposed to be next weekend and we don’t even know when it will happen at this point. Closer we get the sadder I get.

Home after school, took a short nap and then up for dinner. Just as we sat down, Rowan called it was time for class. I asked if we could do class a little bit late as we had just sat down for dinner. She said that would be fine we would begin at 6:30. Sure enough 6:30 she called back. However, Delores was giving an excuse of why she could not attend class tonight. The kids and I thought it was terrible she was trying to skip school.

Grace quickly got me a blank sheet of paper that I was supposed to bring to class. Rowan got started right away showing me a little review of math (not much – she quickly erased it) and then she said we were going to do our sentences. I was instructed to write down whatever she said.

I heard her mom and dad in the background talking to Uncle Jim. I asked if Jim had school today? She said, “No, but he will get teached later on.”

On to the sentences…nothing too exciting but here are a few samples:

The elephant got out of the world cage.

My mom bought five dollars worth of clothes.

We love going to Nick’s house to play.

Not sure where any of those came from but at least they were easy. She then said we could dismiss class for today. Guess I was just “teached” for the day.
(Ok, I have to wonder if this program has some Miss. Condict control in it…every time I try to write teached it auto-corrects to peached. Then I think of Miss. Condict and her saying, Peachy…)

However, before we ended the video chat, we had to take some photos together…

IMG_9088Olivia and I then went for a 1.47 mile walk. It actually was further than either of us thought we were going to go.

We got home, I worked on some computer jobs and talked to my friend Lisa for a bit. It is always so good to talk with her. She had a rough day so hopefully it helped to just talk for awhile.

I’m going to work on a facebook project and then head to bed.

Talk to everyone another day.

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