Was “Teached” Tonight

Guess instead of a play by play of the day, I’ll just start with the best part of the day. Rowan called about 37 times while we were eating dinner, and taking care of a few things. I finally called her back and she couldn’t talk right now but would call me soon. I told her that I was going to be going for a walk. She said to just wait a few minutes and she would do a video chat to go on the walk with me. She had to finish getting ready for bed and get stuff set-up because she had an idea of what we could do while I was walking.

I got my shoes on and Rowan called. Ready to go. Outside I went and she proceeded to tell me she was going to teach me some math. She had her whiteboard and dry erase markers while standing in front of a mirror as she said she would use that for the larger problems.

As I was walking the video kept cutting out so finally she said she would have to wait for me to get home. She stayed on the line talking to me but turned off the video since it wasn’t good anyways. Hurry up Aunt Teresa are you there yet? I’m walking as fast as I can I’ll be there in a minute.

Got home sat down and she was ready. She also now had Grandma on the video chat. I mean, she had Delores join the class too. She told us to get a piece of paper and write down the same as she did. We worked on math for quite awhile – I’m still not really sure what i was doing but she finally said we were done and it was now time for phonics. We had to tell her what different words had in common. Then, she said a sentence and we had to write down exactly what she said. This was great! Here are a couple of sample sentences:

I bought 5000 legos at the lego shop. 

The Wheel of Fortune is the best thing to play with your family, friends, and cousins.

I caught my dad eating my Hershey bar. 

From those sentences, I learned…

that she absolutely loved when we went to her house on her birthday and Grace, Noah, and Olivia played her new Wheel of Fortune game with her, and some other cousins that were visiting.

her dad obviously stole one of her candy bars! He got busted!

At the end of class, she excused Delores and told me to stay for a few minutes after class. She then told me what a great job I did on my work today and I was being a very good student. We will do class again tomorrow at 5:30. What??? I didn’t sign up for this…I think I am now enrolled in a new school!

Sometimes it’s now good that she is so smart. She has now figured out that even she can do school over video so I think her student count just increased.

She is so much fun. I so enjoy her calling and talking whenever she feels like it.


Walking wasn’t great today but here’s the map of my brief walk with Rowan. I only walked 0.94 miles to make my total mileage of the day 2.8 miles.


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